Cab Havanna

A practical suitcase that comes in a set of three. Available in three different colours. Made from a durable lightweight polypropylene compound, the case features a stylish, clean design. And naturally, it’s fitted with an integrated code lock with TSA system that keeps your baggage safe and sound throughout your journey. There’s also an adjustable pull handle at the back, to ease the load on your arms and shoulders. The case also has two carrying handles, one on top and one on the side.


Art: 83302
Measure: 55x39x22 cm
Weight: 3,00 kg
Volume: 40 liter 

Art: 83302
Measure: 65x46x26/29 cm
Weight: 4,00 kg
Volume: 69/75 liter 

Art: 83302
Measure: 75x53x31/34 cm
Weight: 4,50 kg
Volume: 106/120 liter