Special products

We provide special production for both large and small companies, and our team has extensive experience and expertise when it comes to delivering customised solutions. We work together with our customers to develop ideas and concepts that meet their needs and preferences. We can tailor products to the smallest specification and create specially designed packaging for final delivery.

We’d love to talk to your company about your ideas and requirement of customised products, so book a meeting with us and we can propose a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Customised products– We help you to create customised products

Carlobolaget can help you to produce uniquely customised bags used for protection, storage and transportation. Our extensive network enables us to find the best solution for you as a customer, even if you’re looking for a combination of cost-efficiency, design and functionality. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a consultation.

Private Label - a total solution for your brand

We have a clear strategy that involves skilful production in tandem with our retailers. Irrespective of whether it’s an exclusive leather apron or a promotional suitcase intended for distribution across Europe, we’re committed to delivering expertise which ensures the final product meets the recipient's expectations – for us, no project is too large or too small.